Public Speaking.

Stephen Walker is a personable, credible and entertaining speaker.  He is adept at training, commonly hosting clinics and workshops.  He is also a keynote speaker (with programs from 25-55 minutes). He is a veteran of hundreds of programs for associations, teams, sports organizations, student assemblies, athletic departments, businesses, and University settings (both classroom, graduations and keynotes). His speaking programs routinely receive excellent reviews. His caring nature and good humor support his audience in every case.

Walker’s clinics in coaching education nurture each participant’s ability to work more effectively with their athletes, the team as a cohesive unit, and, parents. He purposely equips them with tools for building unity, team cohesion, and effective communication skills to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Dr. Walker is an adjunct professor in graduate studies in Sport and Performance Psychology Program at the University of Western States, one of the most prestigious training programs of its kind in the US.

His presentations are thoughtful enough for the most discerning of audiences, yet, filled with stories, humor and a light touch, encouraging interaction and a sense of belonging among his audience.