Get Competition-Ready Webinar Series.

Our signature 6-week Program

“Get-Competition Ready”

By Stephen Walker, PhD, NCC, CMPC, USOC Registry of Sport Psychology

~ It All Begins with Preparation ~

Competition-Ready is a focused series of sessions addressing the most frustrating concerns athletes and performing artists experience in their sport or endeavor.  Whether preparing for tryouts or an audition, each session is crafted to equip you with the mindset, skills, methods, techniques, tools, and routines enabling you to perform your best when it counts the most.

Session I:

Performing Under Pressure

Stress is a daily concern these days, and generalized anxiety has become a constant companion for nearly every person. This session is designed to equip you with exercises in breathing, apply methods in mindfulness training, develop a growth mindset in every challenge, master the ability to stop unproductive thoughts before they gain momentum, and employ numerous other techniques.  Our ability to enhance our personal control in challenging situations, keep things “real”  both in and out of competition, employ productive pre-performance routines, and optimal stress management strengthens our ability to sync our Mind/Body in the “Now” Moment, thereby enhancing our presence and personal control in any situation.

Session II:

Managing Strong Emotions Productively

Emotions like anger, disappointment, excitement, anxiety, and confusion are just a few of the states competitors/performers experience.  Structured thought patterns like gratitude, purpose-driven thinking, developing a “Plan B” for situations that surprise us, or antidotes to those events that trigger strong emotions, are not only useful – they are essential in performing our best.  This session will teach how to use “attentional focus” and “thought discipline” enabling us to stay focused on the task and experience the freedom of play.

Session III:

Developing Focus, Enhance Your Purpose, Maximize Concentration

There are numerous methods for exercising thought discipline, and identifying the ‘when, where, and how’ we both define and experience our very best performances.  How did we prepare?  Did each training session have a clear purpose? Did we have objectives to help us stay on task?  This session will explore the value of per-performance routines, mindsets that work, and how our preparation is the key ingredient of a great performance.

Session IV:

Training, Rehearsal, Purposeful Practice, Solid Execution

How we rehearse, or how we practice is always important – because it is a measuring stick for how much EFFORT we put into our training.  Mindful rehearsal, visualization, and PETTLEP Imagery will be explored and how to use them. Our ability to perform in competition, as well as we do in practice – is a window into whether we are willing to do what it takes to be extraordinary.  If we are in control of our execution, our ATTITUDE is where it needs to be for us to be the best version of our self in competition.

Session V:

Building Confidence Systematically

Many athletes are perfectionistic, and critical of themselves – and – others. This too contributes to our attitude in performing, but more than that it sets a tone that impacts our CONFIDENCE. How we perceive the challenge in front of us, our experiences with similar situations, and, our “self-talk” makes a huge difference. These will not only effect our mindset going into – but also – our success coming out of, competition. We will practice turning negatives into positives, reframing the experiences we’ve had productively, and begin structuring our own personal “Confidence Journal”.

Session VI:

Building A Great Team From The Inside Out

Every great athlete, musician, actor, speaker, or performer has a strong support system that enables them to be “the best at getting better.” This doesn’t happen by accident. The sooner you recognize that, and you can teach yourself to take “ownership” of your endeavor, the faster you will develop in the desired direction. In this session, we will explore “how” to speak with coaches, parents, trainers, teachers, conductors and administrators, in ways that will enable you BOTH to grow…. Understand each other and communicate productively in all kinds of situations.    

Follow Up Q and A

You will have opportunities throughout this session to explore assessments appropriate to each topic, and, ask questions designed to help you become the BEST version of yourself, both in and out of competition.    

Get Competition-Ready Program Costs:
Program: $297.00

Teammates: $197.00

Repeat Registrants: $150.00

If you are not completely satisfied that the program will be of great benefit after Session I your Registration Fee will be Refunded, free of charge. Refund Requests will be accepted up to 2 days following the program. Submit to Health and Sport Performance – 303.530.4439

Dates: Every Tuesday starting August 11, 2020
7:00 PM – 8:15 PM MT

To Register:  Visit – go to the services tab “Get Competition Ready”

For Questions:  Call Dr. Walker at 303.931.7074 or email:  [email protected]