Body Awareness
Quick recovery following mistakes in competition
Keeping Positive
Ability to keep cool after a great shot – regain focus
Reaction to “C” Game
Reaction to letting your playing partner or team down
Seeing the ball – trusting your swing/shot/execution
Feeling your stroke
Focus on Moving your Feet
Attention and Focus Routines: (Broad to Narrow)(External to Internal)
Ability to Change up your game – play to your opponent’s weakness
Pre-serve Routine: Analyze, Assess, Options, Choose and Commit, Visualize, Execute
Post-point Routine Feel of the shot, Execution, Evaluate the outcome, Acceptance, Regroup
Analyze the outcome – and – apply a remedy for mistakes/ strategy for exposing opponent’s weakness
Full effort, every time, every shot
Emotional Control and Maintaining Your Composure (managing strong emotions mad-sad-glad-scared-confused)
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)
Serving Skills
Return of Serve
Baseline play
Ground game skills
Serve and Volley
Net play
Specialty shots (drop shot, cross court, down the line, varying pace, overhead)
Doubles play (position, strategy, communication, tactical game, keeping positive)
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)
Ability to relax – generally
Resting – Recovery
Nutrition Plan – (Before, during and after Play)
Hydration Plan – (Before, during and after Play)
Goal setting
Shifting negative thought patterns – self-talk
Use of affirmations – scripting self-talk – power words – use of mantras
Managing pre-competition arousal
Use of Imagery to “visualize” proper execution and performance
Stretching and Strength Training
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)