I have difficulty setting goals & working a plan to meet those goals.
My success in practice is better than during competition.
I am self-conscious & worry about what others think about my performance.
Self-doubt before or during games limits my success.
Letting others down by not performing up to expectations is something I worry about.
I am self-conscious & worry about how others may perceive me.
Before or during competitions I worry, am often tense, or may be anxious.
Pre-game jitters do not go away after the first few minutes into the competition.
I am motivated by fear -or- fear of failure and it affects me in competition.
My fear of success can sabotage my performance when I am winning.
At times I am confused why I play my sport or why others motivate me.
External results, accolades, recognition, or praise are key motivators for me.
My self-worth is often connected to how well I perform in sports.
I lose focus or have mental lapses during critical times of the game.
My patterns in play are hit or miss.
I tend to lack a specific mental focus in my routines before, during & after competition.
I find myself going through motions physically without mental focus or intensity.
I am not excited enough -or- I get too excited to perform my best in competition.
I am easily distracted or forget the task-at-hand by the things that go on around me.
I experience fear, uncertainty, doubt or negative thoughts before, during or after competition.
Thoughts about my previous injuries limit me from performing as well as before.
When doing well, I get lulled into a mood "to-protect-my-lead" which limits my ability to perform well.
I become easily frustrated because of high expectations others place on me -or- I put on myself.
Playing with freedom or trust – and – without hesitancy is difficult for me when under pressure.
I work on mechanics or technique even when competing or during a game.
I have difficulty concentrating in the present, right here & right now.
I think too much about the consequences of my performance, good or bad.
I over analyze mistakes & thus think too much about technique or tactics in play.
I have low self-confidence or self-esteem about my athletic abilities and chances for success.
I often give myself labels like, "I am a choker" or "I hope I don't mess this up."
Letting go of poor past performances is difficult for me.
Anger and/or frustration gets in the way of me performing my best.
I am often disappointed with my performance and wish it was better.
I just want to be the best ever at my sport & want to know how to improve my mental game.
Scoring Key 1 = Always 2 = Very Often 3 = Often 4 = Sometimes 5 = Rarely 6 = Very Rarely 7 = Never

Scoring Key

200 +Mentally Tough (Excellent Mental Skills)
165 – 200Good  (Continue Developing Your Mental Conditioning Program)
125 – 164Needs Work (Time to Begin Consistent Mental Training)
90 – 124Needs a Lot of Work (Time to Develop Healthy Thought Habits)