Focused concentration during your training
Focused concentration during competition
Body Awareness (seeing the movement – feeling the movement – hitting your marks)
Keeping positive during a training session
Keeping positive during a competition
Quick recovery following mistakes
Ability to relax before practice
Ability to relax the night before a meet
Ability to relax immediately prior to a meet
Ability to keep yourself centered prior to an event
Ability to keep cool after a great performance – regain focus for your next event
Confidence in your ability to perform what you need to
Use of Imagery to “visualize” proper execution and performance
Full focus, every time, every event
How to Set Goals
Shifting negative thought patterns – self-talk
Use of affirmations – self-talk
Managing pre-competition arousal
Work effectively with your Coaches
Work effectively with your Teammates
Work effectively with your Parents
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)
Ability to maintain your composure when your "C" game characterizes your performance
Composure after letting your playing partner or team down
How Good is your Ability to Analyze and Forget mistakes
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)
Nutrition Plan before, during and after Play
Ability to relax – generally
How well do you sleep at night?
How well do you sleep before a competition?
How knowledgeable are you in Stretching and Strength Training?
How disciplined are you as an athlete?
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)