Body Awareness
Quick recovery following mistakes
Keeping Positive
Ability to relax between plays
Ability to relax
Ability to keep cool after a great shot – regain focus
Reaction to "C" Game
Reaction to letting your playing partner or team down
Seeing the ball – knowing your swing
Feeling your swing
Attention & Focus Routines: (Broad to Narrow)(External to Internal)
Awareness of the Attractor Field
Pre-shot Routine: Analyze, Assess, Options, Choose & Commit, Visualize, Execute
Post-shot Routine Feel of the shot, Evaluate the outcome, Acceptance, Regroup
Analyze and Forget Mistakes
Emotional Control & Maintaining Composure (managing strong emotions mad-sad-glad-scared-confused)
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)
Putting Skills
Chipping Skills
Short Iron Play (7, 8, 9, PW) – Approach shots
Mid Iron Play (4, 5, 6) – Approach shots
Long Irons (2, 3, 4) – Approach and Target placement
Fairway woods
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)
Ability to relax – generally
Nutrition Plan – (Before, during and after Play)
Hydration Plan – (Before, during and after Play)
Goal setting
Shifting negative thought patterns – self-talk
Use of affirmations – self-talk
Managing pre-competition arousal
Use of Imagery to “visualize” proper execution and performance
Stretching & Strength Training
Full effort, every time, every shot
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)