See the Field – Awareness
Quick recovery following mistakes
Keeping Positive
Ability to relax before the game
Ability to relax prior to a kick
Ability to Focus immediately prior and during the kick
Ability to keep focused after a score
Confidence in Self
Confidence in Unit
Confidence in Team
Reaction to being pulled from lineup
Reaction to a bad call
Ready, Read, React, Recover, Reposition
Analyze and Forget Mistakes
Ability to Refocus on the Target
Emotional Control
Reaction time from the snap
After a punt – Knowledge of How to Properly "Pursue" (angle of attack)
Staying in control during pursuit
Being in control of your Body (quick shifts in direction – target area delivering the blow)
Confidence Delivering a blow
Fear Factor Delivering a blow
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)
Ability to relax – generally
Goal setting
Shifting negative thought patterns – self-talk
Use of affirmations – self-talk
Managing pre-competition arousal
Productive focus for arousal “on the court”
Use of Imagery to “visualize” proper execution and performance
Stretching & Strength Training
Team focus – total offensive effort – assist awareness
Team focus – total defensive effort – direct & indirect
Physicality – Appropriate & Productive
Physicality – Inappropriate penalty triggers
Ability to develop good defensive habits amongst teammates
Ability to develop good offensive habits amongst teammates
Full effort, every time, every play
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)