See the Field – Awareness
Quick recovery following mistakes
Keeping Positive
Ability to relax between plays
Ability to relax during play (position specific)
Ability to keep focused after a score
Confidence in Self
Confidence in Team
Reaction to being pulled from lineup
Reaction to a bad call
Ready, Read, React, Recover, Reposition
Analyze and Forget Mistakes
Ability to Focus and Refocus on the Target
Emotional Control
Being in control of your Body (quick shifts in direction)
Managing pre-competition arousal
Productive focus for arousal “on the field” – “in the dugout”
Attentional Focus Routine (broad to narrow, external to internal)
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)
Ability to manage anxiety
Pre-pitch routine – In the hole/on deck/stepping into the box
Attentional Focus Routine (broad to narrow, external to internal)
Focus points – precision
Seeing the ball
Seeing the laces in rotation
Self-talk – positive self-expectation
Shifting negative thought patterns – self-talk
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)
Fueling properly
Stress management
Goal setting
Use of affirmations – self-talk
Use of Imagery to “visualize” proper execution and performance
Stretching and Strength Training
Ability to develop good defensive habits amongst teammates
Full effort, every time, every play
1 (clueless) to 10 (mastery)