Orientation Questions

Defining the Problem

Goal-oriented questions

Solution focused questions

1. The following questions require you to use your imagination. First imagine that you have an important competition tomorrow. Next, imagine that tonight while you are asleep a miracle takes place and all the changes you would like to happen have occurred. However, you are not aware of it yet because you are asleep. Describe what you would notice as you go about your day to let you know that these changes have occurred.

Resource Retrieval Questions

2. In recalling one of your all time best performances rate each item according to what you were experiencing:

Felt extremely anxious Felt extremely relaxed
Felt extremely unconfident Felt extremely confident
Had no control at all Felt in complete control
Muscles were tense Muscles were relaxed
Felt extremely fatigued Felt extremely energetic
Self-talk was negative Self-talk was positive
Felt extremely unfocused Felt extremely focused
Felt great effort Felt effortless
Had low energy Had high energy

Contextual-support questions