Dr Stephen walker



In 2015, Dr. Stephen Walker’s sport and performance work was nominated for the Distinguished Professional Practice Award through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.  His body of work, emphasis on evidenced-based methods on the protective effects of positive emotions, use of biofeedback, and skilled experience in mental conditioning, set him apart as one of the top thought leaders in his field.

Dr. Walker’s athletes, and their outstanding performances, tell the rest of the story.  He is in high demand as a consultant, coach, and public speaker because he is practical, fun loving, and a strong communicator.

One of Stephen Walker’s favorite roles is in support of parents, wanting to help their young athletes enjoy their sporting life more. He works with both parents and athletes in learning how to achieve results. He is known for helping his athletes develop life-long habits for better managing stress, building confidence, and developing routines that lead to success. He accomplishes all of this, and more, in a fun and nurturing manner.